Our Sustainability Commitement

Care for nature and people.

We work closely with organisations to ensure we source only sustainable materials
that can be traced back to the farms they were grown on.
We do this to ensure no unnecessary harm is brought to the environment while providing local communities
with better farming conditions and increased opportunity.
We feel that quality products can only be manufactured using the finest materials so while investment is necessary
to collaborate in such a positive movement the standard of our finished product certainly reflects this.

Made with care,
Britannia Superfine

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UTZ Cocoa

Rainforest Alliance


Responsability & Sustainability

Our promise for a better future

The cocoa sector faces lately several big challenges.
Poor soil fertility management, aging tree stocks, improper use of chemicals
and uncontrolled deforestation are threats to the sustainability of cocoa farming.

At the same time farmers are faced with poor labour conditions and low income.
Consumers are increasingly aware of these situations, and demand products that are grown in a responsible way
Our goal is to create an efficient sustainability program with effective certification and traceability tools for
socially and environmentally responsible cocoa production that meets the needs of both producers and markets.

Our promise for a better future,
Britannia Superfine